Premiere Performance: The Truth Behind EtaProof Ventile

Few forms of cotton stack up to the 100% long staple fiber found in woven Ventile.
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It's All About the People

Videos from a factory visit to North Carolina, May 2022. 

What's a factory like? First of all, it's loud. 

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Foundations - A.T. SS22

SS22 | Foundations Be they in cotton, linen, brick, or wood - our foundations often...
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To the Woods: American Trench FW21 Release Two

Much can be made of what we do with our weekend. Be serious about something - a quest demands much more than a map and a few snacks.
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To The Woods: Directed by Sophorn Sok

Pursuits of leisure need not be lazy. 

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FW21 Release One: To the Street

What we choose to take seriously speaks volumes about our character.
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