Utility becomes the leading edge for any cornerstone. The Keystone Hoodie is no exception. 

We built a brand on its shoulders – which is no small task to ask of any garment. The concrete cross-knit construction guarantees the Keystone Hoodie will stand firmly at the center of Original Equipment for decades. Built on the banks of the Schyukill at Camber Sportswear, the Keystone is as unapologetic as its origins.



Compared to the classic Camber template, we’ve cut some weight from the underarms, expanded the neck opening and dug the hood a little deeper. We spent two years nailing down the custom fit. This thing is heavy & huge, but this is no small feat. 


This two pound tool wears like plush cotton armor. In 9 colors and with minimal external branding, the Keystone finds its way into your blueprint on or off the clock. No nonsense, this is a piece that deserves use. It’s a centerpiece. It’s a simple machine. 

We shot this piece of Original Equipment in our raw new build. These are only foundations. OEFW23 Standards coming soon.