They’re out and about, beachfront to park bench. The shape is unmistakable. And while they don’t quite click like they used to, clogs make the silent sound of comfort when they slip and slide past you on the sidewalk… or on the way to the couch.

Originally considered functional footwear for farming, the class “clog” initially referred to shoes made entirely of wood. Dutch cobblers carved clogs from whole pieces of solid wood, simply hollowing out blocks of willow or poplar to create the iconic “klompen.” Arguably the most recognizable version of clog, the klompen is a national symbol of the Netherlands, and, obviously, is the origin of the verb “clomp.”

In modern contexts, clogs are not carved out of wood, and aren’t exclusive to any industry. From baristas to bedside nurses, the rise of the coveted clogs are a testament to the chokehold comfortability has on the fashion industry. Are foam slides just a 21st century clog? Or what about Crocs? These questions could guide the next chapter in “Hot Dog, Taco or Sandwich?”

Some folks like to go commando in their open heeled klompers, but we beg to differ. We think these socks are absolute go-tos in your clogs. 

Waffles: Speaking of Northwestern European influences...Waffle Socks are chunky, textured, and feature a sweet heal-toe detail… these socks offer enough warmth to wear your clogs out of the house. If you’re rocking with those earth tone Bostons grab a pair of chocolate Waffle socks… we think they’ll crush together.

Wool Silks: Don’t let the name throw you off – the Wool Silk Boot socks are great with any pair of shoes. We think they make a great pair with clogs because they’re extra warm, extra chunky, and add a lot of weight to an otherwise light lower half. Toss these on with any pair of clogs and you won’t have to worry about getting cold feet.

Fair Isles: A lot of the same textural notes as the waffle sock but these have a little more pop to them. We recommend the wool fair isles for their more specific shapes – it’s important to show off your antlers.

Bonus clogs: 1978 Palm D’ore winner The Tree of the Wooden Clogs is an Italian neorealist thinker. Chug a coffee before… it could be a snoozer for the easily-bored viewer.