Pinebury Merino Pocket Tee


Pinebury sent us these made in the USA, natural fiber performance tees. Recently we’ve worn them biking to work or out on runs. Made from Nuyarn merino wool with a choice warmth to weight ratio, they’ll offer elite support from late winter through early summer. These are elite athletic tees but by no means do you need to work up a sweat to feel the supreme benefits of merino wool.

A bit about Nuyarn... Nuyarn is the world's first performance wool. While merino has some great qualities, it is also susceptible to poor abrasion performance, holes, pilling, moisture retention and insulation that is substandard. Nuyarn® maintains much of the volume and aeration that nature provides, without many of the traditional pitfalls of merino.

Nuyarn Performance Wool | 90% Merino Wool / 10% Nylon Care instructions: Turn garment inside out. Machine wash cold. Hang to dry. Do not iron.

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