Shaker Stitch Sweater


The Shaker Stitch Sweater is a classic piece of American knitwear. Shaker refers to the two-row repeat pattern variant of the fisherman's rib. This creates an identical smooth texture on either side of the garment – it also ensures that the sweater drapes well. The crew neck collar on our version is pronounced. Long, ribbed wrists and a lengthened hem provide a great shape for this thick, but breathable sweater. 

The stitch was created by the Shakers, or 'shaking Quakers', a group of Christian pacifists who settled in New York state in 1774. The Shakers were prolific inventors and designers and are most known for their historic and iconic contributions to the style of American architecture and furniture. But they also invented a stitch, which became a sweater, and is now a style icon. There is something elegant and minimal about its lines; it's not flashy yet always looks good. Our Shaker sweater is made with a 100% cotton blend yarn for warmth and softness. The cotton is thick but soft and unfussy. Wash it in the machine if you need to. The Shakers would approve of making something with such utility. 

If you want to into a really deep dive into the history of the Shakers and the Shaker knit, read this. It's a long read that but it's worth it. 




Small 21.5 21.5 24.5
Medium 22 22 25
Large 22.5 22.5 25.5
Extra Large 23 23 26


100% American combed cotton.
Fits true to size, take your normal tee shirt size. The overall look is chunky and cozy but not baggy.
Knit in Upstate New York in a family-owned factory since the late 1920's. Made in USA from USA grown, spun, and dyed yarn.

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