Easymoc Whipstitch Special Suede

Philly Special
The stitching throughout the Whipstitch Special becomes the focal point, but none of these details are accessory. These expert-craft thick heeled moccasins are well constructed in both smooth suede and classic leather. You'll find traces of native inspiration throughout much of Maine's history – footwear is the least of which. The moccasin became a popular shoe silhouette for early hunter-traders – sustainable... simple to resource, easy to repair. That hasn't changed – the Whipstitch Special, like all Easymoc shoes, can be washed by hand and oft re-soled, if rarely needed.
Handsewn, 100% leather upper. Vibram® chunky sole. Resoleable construction. Everything made in the USA – yes, even the glue.
Established in Maine almost fifty years ago, Easymoc produces top-notch, handmade, made in the USA footwear classics.

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