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Two-Tone Wool Cap


Welcome to Team Trench. 

A mid-profile wool cap reminiscent of players long gone. Either of these Two-Tone Caps from American Trench might just become your new favorite hat. With an unbranded brass clasp, and an exposed dark brown leather strap, these hats are built to last. We're a big fan of the exposed leather - honestly, it's always a pain to slide the strap back through - especially in colder months. 

Both the Wool and Canvas caps feature a refreshing take on American Trench branding, "the a patch." All lowercase, but far from understated, we think the a patch is symbolic of our recent effort to boost our external branding. Not too loud - but definitely making itself known.  

Phenomenal weight for a Fall-Winter cap. Warm, but not sweaty - and built with a substantial sweat band, which is more comfortable than it is cumbersome. 

Although arriving with a flat brim - there's plenty of malleability here for players who prefer them bent. Also featuring a green undervisor - another tip of the cap to the retro-classic hats of your youth. 


  • Mid-Profile, Flat Brim Wool Cap 
  • A Patch
  • Green Undervisor
  • Comfortable Sweatband 
  • Exposed Dark Brown Leather Strap 
  • Unbranded Gold Clasp 
Wool body. Leather strap.
Adjustable strap - one size fits most.
Made in Brooklyn at Winner Caps.

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