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True Argyle in Baby Camel Hair
True Argyle in Baby Camel Hair
True Argyle in Baby Camel Hair
True Argyle in Baby Camel Hair

True Argyle in Baby Camel Hair

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We are proud to present our first argyle sock, in Italian spun baby camel hair yarn.  Ours is a true argyle and knit on special intarsia machinery (by San Giacomo of Italy) - you can tell a true argyle by peeling back the sock and looking at the underside. If what you see looks clean and similar in texture to the exterior without any loose strands of yarn (cuts) at the seams, then this is a true argyle [see last picture in gallery].  If you see a forest of cut ends, this is faux argyle.  Intarisa machinery is specialized and expensive, but we think the knit quality is unmatched and totally worth the premium. The argyle pattern we choose is called "sawtooth," as the edge of each diamond has a tooth pattern reminiscent of a wood saw.  

For this sock we used a winter wonder - Italian spun baby camel hair.  Camel hair is one of the warmest fibers out there, plus is a can take a pretty good beating.  Baby camel hair is a considerably softer than regular camel hair.  Please note camel hair is shorn from the animal (like sheep), no baby camels were slaughtered to make these socks!  This sock is very warm, and we don't recommend wearing it in temps over 50 degrees F.    

The body color is natural (un-dyed) baby camel hair, the diamonds are marine and red with a muted white over-plaid.


    Knit in Pennsylvania at a family owned mill using Italian spun baby camel hair yarn

    Fit & Details

    • one size
    • hits just over the calf, stays up well
    • machine wash cold, air dry
    • 80% baby camel hair, 20% nylon

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    Free shipping and returns.

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