Final Sale

Standard Quilted Warmer


The Short Quilted Warmer is sold as an add-on for American Trench outerwear. Add this to the inside of a field jacket or trench coat and you're getting an extra layer. 

Short Quilted Warmers are shorter than our Trench Quilted Warmer, which goes the entire length of the trench coat. If you bought a field jacket, this is the right supplementary product.

 Please note: This product does not fit the Waxed Mac, which does not take a warmer. 

  • Buttons into The American Trench and Wool Trench 
  • Short enough to allow access to lower bag pockets in the trench
  • made in the USA
100% nylon fabric shell 100g poly fill insulation
Cut and sewn at a factory in Northern NJ, about 30 minutes from New York City.