Sheepskin Shearling Gloves


Genuine Merino Shearling not only looks regal - it regulates body temperature, too. On the inside, these Sheepskin Shearling Gloves are lined in soft lambs fur, and with a water resistant lambskin exterior, you won't need to worry about wearing the weather. Top-stitch details add a touch of style to a pair of gloves guaranteed to last a lifetime. 

100% Genuine Merino Shearling | Professional Leather Clean Only
Fits true to Size.
Aston Leather, the legendary Brooklyn leather factory, has been in the game for over 20 years. They pride themselves on their hide selection and tanning partners. "We at Aston guarantee that every step of production is held to the highest standard. From the type of skins used, to the workmanship and style, we are confident you will not find a superior product anywhere in the world."

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