Medium Cutting Board with Handle

Solid walnut
Walnut with exotic stripes

This top-notch hardwood cutting board was individually crafted by Honorable Oak in Philadelphia using a blend of woods from around the globe. Every board is distinct, showcasing the natural grain and color of these domestic and exotic woods, without artificial coloring or staining. With proper care, these eye-catching boards can last for many years. Choose from solid walnut (available only from American Trench) or walnut with exotic stripes. All boards may differ slightly from photos.


  • Handcrafted in Philadelphia by Honorable Oak
  • Available in solid walnut and walnut with exotic stripes (walnut with exotic wood accents: cherry, purple heart, paduak, yellow heart and wenge)
  • Measurements: approx. 8" x 18" x 3/4", including handle
  • Glued with food safe, waterproof glue
  • Hand rubbed with homemade Board Butter (food grade beeswax, walnut oil and lemon extract, a combo with great water resistance and anti-microbial qualities)
  • Care: Wash with hot soapy water and don't soak or put in the dishwasher

The artist and craftsperson behind Philadelphia's Honorable Oak, Lauren Dombrowiak, has a passion for creating beautiful handmade objects for everyday use. Each one of her cutting boards and wooden pieces are made from a hand selected combination of domestic and exotic woods chosen for their strikingly vibrant colors and unique markings.

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