Indigo-Dyed Interlock Tee


Our principal short sleeve, elevated by an endlessly impressive indigo dye process. The New Interlock Tee is a worthy canvas, and this lasting archetype now wears natural indigo, each one hand-dipped in nearby Lancaster. The result is a freeform motif working its way over the soft hand of what was once a blank white tee.

Very few units are available. Each one is hand-dyed with natural indigo and affection. No two tees look the same.

Interlock is a double-knit construction with back loops knitted together and the wales alternated. The front and back sides of the fabric are identical and smooth. Interlock is thicker and denser (almost double the yarn) and more stable than plain jersey weaves. It doesn't curl at the edges and holds shape well.

50% Cotton / 50% Modal. Wash separately before wear. Machine wash with dark colors. Lay flat to dry.
Take your regular t-shirt size. The cut is intended to be a little fuller than a slim fit tee.
Our "factory" for this product is in fact the vertically integrated ecosystem that is the garment district of Los Angeles, where the fabric was processed at small family-owned facilities all with several miles of each other. Each one is dyed by hand in Lancaster, PA.

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