Dual - Hand Denim Oven Mitt

medium vintage

The Dual-Hand Denim Oven Mitt from American Trench is a product bought from Mi Cocina - a California based denim artist with whom we go back a few seasons. See "Factory" to learn more about Ulrich Simpson and his brand - he's got a great story. 

To be clear - you are receiving a single oven mitt. 

Keep your kitchen running smoothly with the dual-hand oven mitt.  Designed with five layers of insulation throughout plus quilting on the palm side for grip, both gloves will keep your hands adequately protected when pulling hot pans out of the oven. 

These mitts are constructed slightly different than your typical oven mitt. They do not have a thumb-hole, like you'd usually find in an oven mitt. Instead they create more of a wedge - almost like a claw for your hands. An interesting design technique helpful and more possibly more protective than your average mitt. 

Available for FW21 in Raw and Medium Vintage Denim. 


  • Dual-Hand Denim Oven Mitt 
  • Five Layer Insulation 
  • Quilted Palm Side 
  • Ubi-Ind Denim 
  • Hand Wash Cold 
Made from Ubi-Ind Denim, a material owned and invented by Mi Cocina's own Ulrich Simpson.
One size fits all. Features a wider range for thumb than the typical oven mitt.
San Francisco based Ubi-Ind’s Mi Cocina collection blends fashion & functionality. With a deep, personal understanding of the need for durable life goods, founder and fashion industry veteran, Ulrich “Ubi” Simpson, chose US-milled denim as the foundation material of his collection. His items have personality - they’re hand washed, sewn, and laser etched - but their tough exterior can handle heavy duty tasks. After over twenty-five years of designing for brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Diane von Furstenberg, Nike, Coach, and then finally his label called Ubi-Ind Denim, Ulrich "Ubi" Simpson had his AH-HA moment in the kitchen. He saw an opportunity in the market for durable, modern-looking kitchen products that are made for everyday use and get better with time. The beauty of denim is the more you wash it, the softer it gets...and the dirtier things get, the better the product looks. The Ubi-Ind Denim Mi Cocina collection is made in the USA of Cone White Oak Denim that is washed, sewn, and laser etched to create a simple modern aesthetic with no nonsense function and timeless appeal.

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