Cotton Space Dye Fisherman Crewneck: Made to Order


Our made to order products aren’t what you’d expect. 

The key here is efficiency - in material and in time.

From the colors available, you'll be able to select any size, at any time. 

You place your order. We submit your order to the factory. Your product is knit. Your product is shipped. All within 7-10 days.

No wasted fabric. No wasted shelf space. No wasted time. 

It’s not so much Made to Order as it is: Short Order Manufacturing. 

There's another benefit, instead of inventory sitting on the shelf we are able to put those resources into sourcing extraordinary yarn. In this case, the yarn is premium American combed cotton in a custom space dye, created for us at the most advanced yarn dying facility in North America, Meridian Specialty Yarn Group. We toured Meridian on a our last visit to North Carolina and it was a magical experience. We couldn't be more excited to offer this unique and totally custom yarn. 

The Space Dye Fisherman is knit from the same two yarns we use for the Space Dye Crew socks in Rainbow and Navy/Green. In the office, we coined the phrase: Space Dye is the future tie-dye. 

Our template pattern is based on the measurements we used for the Fisherman sweater we made for FW21. With a perfect made to order fit, this crewneck is guaranteed to make a splash this spring-summer. 

If you need specific measurement requirements met, please email for more information. 

100% Cotton. Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry Low
Made to Order. If you need specific measurement requirements met, please email for more information.
3-D Knit in Brooklyn. Made in USA (Brooklyn) from USA grown, spun, and dyed yarn.

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