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Canvas Five Pocket Pant


We're proud to present our first collection of five pocket pants - we researched fits, scoured through samples, and created the pattern from scratch. These are a great pair of pants, made through and through by American Trench.

You'll wear the Canvas Five Pocket Pant to work. You'll wear them out to dinner. You'll wear them to your kids' soccer game, and you might even wear them to sleep. The lightweight, but sturdy cotton canvas stands up to just about any task. 

8 oz cotton canvas with stretch.

Available for FW22 in Black, Bronze, and Mushroom.

30 33 6.5 32
31 34 6.75 32
32 35 7.0 32
33 36 7.25 32
34 37 7.5 32
35 38 7.75 32
36 39 8.0 32
8 oz canvas, 95% cotton, 5% spandex
Fits true to size. All pants are made with a 32 inch inseam. Tailor to your size for best fit.
Cut and Sewn in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles garment district is perhaps the last considerable collection of clothing manufacturers in the United States. Made in LA doesn't usually imply one factory or one building, it is its own ecosystem of wash houses, dye houses, knitting mills, cutting facilities and sewing contractors. There are speciality makers as well such woven labels and zipper manufacturers - all in close proximity to each other. Creating products start to finish in the same location has an old school feel - but there’s nothing at all ancient about manufacturing in L.A.

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