Blackwatch Plaid Ball Cap


The Blackwatch Plaid Ball Cap flies under the radar. While the other wool caps we made for fall have a logo-like "a-patch", the Blackwatch features the AT Shovel - a sleek, subtle piece of branding we introduced last year. 

Lighter in weight than our wool caps; bill the same plaid on both sides. For the most part, the brim should stay slightly curved.

Blackwatch plaid - and plaids in general - have been popular topics at A.T. this fall (we're still telling anyone who will listen that all tartans are plaids, but not all plaids are tartans). 

Built with a black leather strap and an unbranded brass clasp. We're excited about all the ball caps this fall, but boy do we love the Blackwatch. 


  • Wool Blackwatch Plaid Ball Cap
  • Exposed Black Leather Strap  
  • Unbranded Brass Clasp 
  • Gold AT "Shovel" Embroidery (back left)
Shell wool blend. Leather strap. Brass clasp.
Mid-Profile. One size fits most with the adjustable strap.
Made in New York at Winner Caps.

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