Billykirk Leather Bottle Tote


Billykirk only uses vegetable tanned, full grain un-dyed leather. This stands for inherent quality. Whether it's about showing up prepared to an event or storing the items that matter, quality goods count. The Leather Bottle Tote really has two functions:

1. To transport a bottle or tall and slim object from every point A to B; and

2. To leave a positive lasting impression of the entire experience.

Dimensions: 4 1/8" wide, 14 3/4" tall

Premium vegetable-tanned, full grain leather. Spot clean with a damp cloth. Constructed in New Jersey.
Designed in Pennsylvania. Billykirk believes the proof is in the patina. Brothers Chris and Kirk Bray made their way alongside other made-in-America brands with their artisan leather goods, perfected for nearly 25 years. Fine materials, uncompromising attention to quality, and a thoughtful eye for design lead their wholly unique products everywhere.

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