We help tell the story of American Manufacturing - and our new Lookbook Series is here to help paint the picture. We start with the people behind the product. Meet the American Trench team: honest, brave & bought in. Over here, everybody’s got gumption: but our results eclipse our egos. Welcome to our Conversation.  

From Top Left to Bottom Right:

Name: Jacob Hurwitz

Intro: I’m cofounder at American Trench. The brand was inspired by a trip to London I took in the summer of 2009. We were coming out of the Great Recession of 2008 and there was massive job loss. There was a focus on job creation and the Americana menswear movement of the time had a focus on craft and manufacturing. People were asking where their clothes were made, they were starting to really care, similar to what happened in food a decade earlier. I made the first sketch of the branding in December of that year. My cofounder David and I spent the next 3 years making a prototype trench coat. Socks was an afterthought. I didn’t want to do a crowdfunding campaign with a logo tee shirt, so we made socks instead. I called a bunch of sock mills and we found two that would work with us, one in North Carolina and one in Pennsylvania. We launched on Kickstarter in January of 2013. In 2014, we launched our first wholesale collection of socks and accessories. Every year we grow and expand our collection, our vision, and our workforce. 

Origin: I was born in Philadelphia (Overbrook) and grew up in Narberth, PA, about 5 minutes from the city line. Philadelphia and the surrounding area is my home. I live in Wynnewood, about five minutes from my office in Ardmore. I have a BA in mathematics and a minor in studio art from Goucher College in Baltimore, MD and masters in secondary education from the University of Pennsylvania. I’ve always been interested in art, design, and architecture but also in analytical things like mathematics and chemistry. Clothing design and textiles really brings all of these things together for me.

Fun Fact: I was a high school mathematics teacher for five years, which is where I really learned to dress myself as an adult as I had to wear a tie every day. I got really into clothes as a result. The only job in fashion I had prior was a nine month stint at Mitchell & Ness, the Philadelphia based sportswear brand that was epi-center of the Hip Hop throwback craze in the early aughts. I worked on the store floor for several months and then was pulled into the office to do research on new products. I never thought that a nine month job would relate to anything I would be doing in the future but it really mattered.

Name: Sulai Neill

Intro: I was hired by American Trench in September of 2015 to help fulfill orders, and my responsibilities have grown ever since. I now focus on wholesale sales and customer service.

Origin:I was born in West Philly, and raised not too far away in Merion, PA. I now live in Ardmore and enjoy walking or One Wheeling to work most days.

Fun Fact: I spent 10 years coaching middle and high school basketball (Go Tigers and Churchmen!) before joining Team Trench.

Name: Sarah Brown

Intro: Director of Digital Media here, since 2017. The thing I love most about my job and working at a small company like American Trench is that I have a chance to do a bit of everything creative: product styling and photography, copywriting and graphic design, social media and marketing, e-commerce management, even product development and buying.

Origin: I was born in Reading, PA and raised in Chester County, just outside of Philadelphia. In 1999, studies in 2D Fine Arts at Moore College of Art & Design brought me to Philly, where I’ve lived since. I currently reside in the Fishtown/Kensington section of Philly with my main dude, toddler dude and kitty dudette.

Fun Fact: Prior to working at American Trench I ran Mouse Trap Vintage, a curated online vintage shop/traveling show of well-made and historical clothing and accessories, rare and antique books from the cannon of Natural History, unique objects to beautify the home, all inspired by the natural world. Those relics now gather dust in my basement.

Name: Liz Hancin

Intro: I’ve been designing apparel and accessories, both technically and creatively, for American Trench for the last 3 years. My greatest joy here at Trench Headquarters is getting to work with our US based manufacturers to bring ideas to life

Origin: You probably never heard of my hometown of Croydon, PA; but we have some of the best pizza joints this nation has to offer. You’d have to hop on a plane to Rome to find better. 

Fun Fact: At Philadelphia University, my senior year fashion collection was heavily inspired by vintage military pieces. The entire collection was created from repurposed surplus uniforms. Albeit subtle, much of our apparel at American Trench takes influence from decades worth of military garments as well.

Name: Tomie Wilson

Intro: I’m the photographer here at American Trench! I’ve been a photographer for the past 9 years and I love it!. I’ve dabbled in a bunch of types of photography but really found my passions in portrait and fashion photography.

Origin: I was born in Philly and it’s where I still reside! I have my BFA from the Tyler school of Art and Architecture. I graduated in 2020.

Fun Fact: In my free time I play MMORPG’s. Mainly Final Fantasy XIV

Name: Phat Phu

Intro: Hello, my name is Phat. I help coordinate the assets for American Trench

Origin: Born and raised in South Philly + I’m never leaving. Philly until I die.

Fun Fact: I worked in the restaurant industry for ten years before coming to work at American Trench.

Name:Paige Milnes 

Intro: I began working at American Trench about 9 months ago. I started as an intern through Drexel University where I’m getting my degree in design and merchandising and now I’m an official employee here. I’ve been the lead on integrating a new product lifecycle management, consumer resource management, enterprise resource management software. I love that American Trench is a smallerl but growing business that allows me to get my hand in many aspects of the company's operations.

Origin: I was born in Philadelphia and have lived here for more than half of my life. 

Fun Fact: I am a fitness and nutrition advocate. In my free time, I've been studying to get my certifications in Physical Therapy and Nutrition. I also run a lifestyle blog containing a bunch of recipes, workouts, fashion tips, and much more.

Name: Brian Hamlin

Intro: I’m new here. Right now I help out with fulfillment, but I’m also a Writer. I work on product pages, newsletter development, and general copywriting for any American Trench products. 

Origin: I’m from Pittsburgh - but have always been a bit of a journeyman. My past 5 years have landed me in Syracuse, Oklahoma City, and now South Philly. Happy to be here and hoping to stay for a while.

Fun Fact: My youngest brother Gavan is one of the few people to fall off a mule at the Grand Canyon - and live to tell the tale.