It's Never Too Much.

Something untamed can be wildly beautiful in the way that it’s saturated in itself. To be too disciplined can be unnatural. The way a garden grows or water seeps and floods - so should we be in our depth of style.

We are surrounded by messages – literal, subliminal, image driven – they dominate what we see and what we hear. It’s extremely difficult to send a message that breaks through the glitzy din. The messages that resonate with us do so because of the deep connection we make with them. They’re applicable. They stand out. They’re real.

Clothing provides an opportunity to demonstrate depth. How deep we’re willing to go in our colors, our fabrics, and our accessories becomes a palpable message to those around us. Our fits for Summer 2021 grew from the conversation to consciously find and redefine what it means to have depth of style.

An arboretum becomes a balance between deep nature and formal structure. The framing is there - in stone walkways and in Latin labelling - but they take some digging. Those structures provide an equally necessary skeleton beneath the sprawling foliage.

Let your inspirations hit you hard. Let them swallow you whole. Let them consume you the way grass envelops bare feet - Or lawn furniture long since forgotten.

Model, Zahir, wearing size Medium. These pictures were taken at the Albert C. Barnes arboretum in Bala, Pennsylvania - just outside of Philadelphia.