Dear friends and patrons of American Trench,

I haven't owned a black t-shirt in fifteen years. I'm a navy/charcoal guy. 

I've been wearing a jet black tee-shirt lately. In fact, all the time. My family doesn't recognize me. Coworkers are bewildered.

So, why the big change? About a month ago we received the final test sample for our new Supima interlock tees. That black Supima Interlock Tee is so good that it is in my rotation regardless of color.

The Interlock Tee in cameo blue, shown here on Winston.

What does Interlock Stitching mean?

This tee is made from two ends of 50 singles Supima cotton. Most tees (like G*ldan or H*nes) are 15-30 singles. After a few washes, lesser single tees become either scratchy or thin after a few washes. Interlock stitching means that the shirt is woven so that the stitching literally interlocks. It's not chain link but if you really really zoomed in it would look like a fence, almost. Sounds heavy, right? Because the 50 singles cotton has a super smooth hand, this dense weave is actually super soft. 

This is a seriously awesome t-shirt. We had someone try this on at a pop-up last summer and he said: 

"I have a hard time finding medium t-shirts that fit me. But this is a good medium."

Such a simple statement. But he kinda nailed it. These tees do have a fuller fit, but they're doable as an undershirt or on their own. We think this fit is optimal for usage - some t-shirts suck under or a hoodie or look sloppy under a blazer. The interlock plays in all settings.