Dear friends and patrons of American Trench,

I haven't owned a black tee shirt in fifteen years. Just not my thing. If I'm going to wear a dark color, I prefer navy or charcoal.

I've been wearing a jet black tee-shirt lately. In fact, all the time. My family doesn't recognize me. Coworkers are bewildered.

So, why the big change? About a month ago we received the final test sample for our new Supima interlock tees. That black Supima Interlock Tee is so good that it is in my rotation regardless of color.

The Interlock Tee in cameo blue, shown here on Winston.

What does Interlock Stitching mean?

This tee is made from two ends of 50 singles Supima cotton, knit in an interlock stitch. The people who knit this tee took two strands of a very fine single ply Supima cotton yarn and knit it in a dense way.  The result is something that feels otherworldly soft but also very substantial. It has the feel and pleasing drape of a heavier shirt but isn't bulky. The cut is a little fuller but still very flattering. I love it. It's damn near perfect.

Bottom Line: This is a Serious Tee.

We made it in six colors: Olive, Cameo Blue, Dress Blue, Sun Dried Tomato, Brown Sugar and White. None of them black. 

However...if you want my size large sample in black (no tags or branding), I'll send it to you in exchange for a $40 charitable donation to a local food bank (free socks also).

Email me at But know in advance, I wore it many times. Even if it's a new look for me.