Everyone owns at least one polo. Contextually, it’s difficult to reintroduce a person to a polo - something they’re already super familiar with - especially without disrupting what they'd regularly accept as a “Polo.”

In theory, they're all the same - but not all polos are created equal. Some are simply short sleeve shirts with a collar. Others communicate class or status.

We set out to create a hybrid polo. First: No Buttons. We favored a textured, ribbed placket instead. A subtle taper at the hem means there's no need tuck it in. But still - there’s a relaxed, yet elevated feel to this piece.

Re-establish your summer deck game in the lightweight knit polo.

Made to Order Knit Polo

3-D knitted in New York City in plain jersey from Filmar Cotton. Available in Navy, Salmon, and Heather Grey. Made to Order, exclusively for you, at American Trench.

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