American Trench was founded in early 2010 – we couldn’t find a US made trench coat, so we made one.  Our intention is to create a world class brand known for goods of enduring value and style, with a focus on pragmatic and usable design, sourced from premium materials, and all manufacturing (cut + sew or knitting) in the USA.

Our first product, a trench coat, was inspired by a trip to London in the summer of 2009.  After searching for a domestic maker of classic rainwear and finding that one didn’t exist, we endeavored to fill the gap. Our brand launched commercially in January of 2012 on the crowd funding platform Kickstarter.  While the trench coat was the initial inspiration, our research and development in domestic manufacturing led to connections beyond outerwear.  Our Kickstarter launch included a sock collection, in both wool and cotton from two different knitting mills.  We draw inspiration for new items from factories and makers we find along the way, from products we can’t find made domestically (like our trench), and from materials that capture us – a butter-soft wool yarn, a US made water repellent rip-stop nylon, or an incredible Italian woven in wool and linen.  

We are in trenches – literally and metaphorically  – with our goal to search for what is beautiful, design what is transcendent, and create what is enduring. We are made in the USA.  We are American Trench.